Jules Cadie shop window

Alston Moor artist Jules Cadie has put an empty shop window in Alston’s Market Square to good use with his installation TRANSITION, which features Jules’ own art work and incorporates the poem A Treasure by Alston-based award-winning  poet Josephine Dickinson (from her collection Scarberry Hill, Rialto 2001)

Jules lives on the edge of Alston Moor – the very last house on the way over the top to Teesdale – and his installation represents, in part, an on-the-edge view of settlement in a state of constant flux.

The installation has elicited strong responses from passers-by, some favourable and some critical: “But if it makes people stop and wonder for just a moment, then that pleases me,” Jules says.

The shop is owned by ceramicists ray and Syl Macro and since it’s not currently being used for retailing, they are providing local artists with the opportunity to exhibit the the non-commercial side of their work.

Jules is a member of Alston Artists group, whose group exhibition ‘On the Edge’ is currently running at Gossipgate Gallery in the town, until 10 January. The window installation is likely to remain in place until at least Christmas.


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