The Monthly Flash #08

We’re barely able to read this uncomfortable little story by Helen Fletcher. Then again, we can’t bear not to. It makes us squirm but it’s kind of addictive. It’s Charlotte’s Partner>>

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The Monthly Flash #07

It’s been too long since we posted some flash fiction here – apologies, we’ve got a bit of a backlog. Anyway, here’s some blue soup from Elizabeth Stott – but rest assured, Bridgit Jones it isn’t. It’s A for Alice>>


The Monthly Flash #06

Perhaps inspired by the current vogue for open studio days, when artists welcome the public into their workspaces, Anna King has her canvas primed and ready and her pallet knife poised like an offensive weapon.

Read her paint-spattered, sharply rendered little tale, The Artist>>


The Monthly Flash #05

Bob-a-job has been re-branded Scout Community Week, but Martin Chambers’ curmudgeonly yet likeable protagonist, Babbage, won’t know that and won’t much care. And he probably thinks the Big Society is some kind of exclusive bridge club.

Read the story, Babbage and Bob-a-job>>


The Monthly Flash #04

“Something was lacking. If only he could reach Japan and study the old masters, preferably by a bilingual fountain and a rustling bamboo … ”

A lovesick Japanophile and a case of mistaken identity combine to drastic effect in Martyn Halsall’s nightmarish little comedy, Plane ticket, phrase book, kimono>>

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The Monthly Flash #03

A white mountain range rose in the distance and against that backdrop the caribou moved on and on. Then they vanished. Fred craned his neck as far as he was able but only the brick terrace across the road now filled his field of vision …

Read Christine Howe’s story, Day of the Caribou>>


The Monthly Flash #02

To celebrate National Short Story Day, here’s the second story in our monthly(-ish) series of new Cumbrian flash fiction, in which Sue Banister gives us a desperate housewife with knobs on. “It always began with the toast …”

Read the story: Swallowing>>

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The Monthly Flash #01

In the first of this new series, Brindley Hallam Dennis is struggling to maintain his dignity in a department store on Remembrance Day. Lifts and lingerie both feature – never a good combination in real life, but fraught with fabulous possibilities in the realm of short fiction.

Read the story, Thoughts in Ladies Lingerie>>