The Monthly Flash #09

“When my boys were young, it was a story I loved to tell. Throughout their childhood, teen years, and even into their twenties, my children appreciated this tale from my childhood and laughed along with me in all the right places …”

We’re not sure if this piece by Linda Bowes is fiction or memoir, but it’s pretty sticky. Read Marmalade Sandwiches>>

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BHD on camera – Turkey Cock

Curthwaite fictionista Brindley Hallam Dennis has been playing with some new toys and filming himself telling stories. Here he is with a quite brilliant tale (which you can also read on his blog) of a chilling encounter on a taxi rank, Turkey Cock>>

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The Monthly Flash #08

We’re barely able to read this uncomfortable little story by Helen Fletcher. Then again, we can’t bear not to. It makes us squirm but it’s kind of addictive. It’s Charlotte’s Partner>>

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The Monthly Flash #07

It’s been too long since we posted some flash fiction here – apologies, we’ve got a bit of a backlog. Anyway, here’s some blue soup from Elizabeth Stott – but rest assured, Bridgit Jones it isn’t. It’s A for Alice>>


The Monthly Flash #06

Perhaps inspired by the current vogue for open studio days, when artists welcome the public into their workspaces, Anna King has her canvas primed and ready and her pallet knife poised like an offensive weapon.

Read her paint-spattered, sharply rendered little tale, The Artist>>


The Monthly Flash #05

Bob-a-job has been re-branded Scout Community Week, but Martin Chambers’ curmudgeonly yet likeable protagonist, Babbage, won’t know that and won’t much care. And he probably thinks the Big Society is some kind of exclusive bridge club.

Read the story, Babbage and Bob-a-job>>


The Monthly Flash #04

“Something was lacking. If only he could reach Japan and study the old masters, preferably by a bilingual fountain and a rustling bamboo … ”

A lovesick Japanophile and a case of mistaken identity combine to drastic effect in Martyn Halsall’s nightmarish little comedy, Plane ticket, phrase book, kimono>>

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Working Nights – A Festive Flash

Our Consulting Flash Fiction Editor, Brindley Hallam Dennis, sent us this story in the Christmas hols, in the hope that we might be able to rattle it out in a truncated Christmas issue of The Weekly Word. Sadly, we were so truncated by confectionery and cut-price single malt that we couldn’t get off the sofa. So treat this offering by Jenny Harrow as a late Christmas card and unexpected gift.

Read Working Nights>>

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