‘A couple are on their honeymoon, travelling around Cumbria in a caravan…’


At the start of 2014, we put out a call for writers to be involved in a writing project with a difference.

It went like this: One person wrote the opening chapter of a novel, with a limited prompt (in this case: a couple are on their honeymoon, travelling around Cumbria in a caravan). They then emailed this to the next person, who wrote their own chapter, carrying on from where the first left off. Collaboratively, we wrote a novel.

You can read the full novel here: Caravan – the novel

The writers involved (in chapter order) were:

  • Pamela Pottinger
  • Clare Proctor
  • Anke Green
  • Kim Moore
  • Chloe Spence
  • Liz Bell
  • Anja Phoenix
  • Andrea Fox
  • Emily Unia
  • John Stockdale
  • Kelvin M Knight
  • Karen Featherstone
  • Jeanette Williams
  • Deb Holden
  • Rachael Howard
  • Rosey Darbishire
  • Jean Woodhouse
  • Nisha P Postlethwaite
  • Guy Woolnough
  • Ann Wilson
  • Adam Crowe
  • Laura Thornley
  • Jill Clough
  • Kevin O’Connor
  • Tara Vallente
  • Shirley Bailey
  • Ian Hill
  • Mike Craven
  • Jonathan Smillie
  • Louise Gallagher
  • Alex Morgan


  1. Jilly Jarman
    October 12, 2014 @ 9:31 am



  2. Nisha P Postlethwaite
    October 31, 2014 @ 11:31 pm

    A wonderful project and thanks for the opportunity to collaborate on Caravan


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