Art the Carrot is: MASKED

Art the Carrot is: Masked Show

Secrets. Hidden identity. The cloak of disguise. The theme of Issue #3 of The Carrot is: MASKED

From a child’s birthday party at a fast-food restaurant, to the opulent elegance of the Venice Carnival, masks are everywhere. They range from comical to stylish to functional to sinister. They can provide protection or anonymous freedom. Are you fascinated by what lies behind the costume, or is it the disguise itself that catches your interest? How else can someone mask their true feelings? Where is the line between deceit and masquerade?

Whether it’s a mystery guest at a masked ball, a vigilante superhero leading a double life, or even an ode to masking tape, we’re looking for your writing and artwork that explores the hidden and concealed.

When’s the deadline? Wednesday 28th October 2015.

Who can submit? Anyone from or living in Cumbria.

What can I submit? We’re looking for writing, but we’d also love to see more of other types of artwork: poetry, prose, crosswords, reviews, scripts, memoir, journalism, photos, pictures, video, music, animation… The list goes on. The only rule? It has to fit in some way with the theme.

How long should my work be? How long is a piece of string? How big is your idea? This is entirely up to you, but bear in mind that this is a magazine featuring a number of pieces of work, so we’re unlikely to include your whole novel.

Anything else I should know? For writing, we favour work that’s accompanied by an image, whether this is an illustration, artwork that sheds some light on your piece, or just a (quality) photo of you. This isn’t a prerequisite, and we won’t disregard any piece because it doesn’t have an image – it just makes the magazine look more visually exciting. But please make sure you own the copyright to your image, or have permission to .

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