An Evening of Poetry and Music

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An evening of poetry and music will feature local Latin American poets, musicians, and singers. The event begins at 7pm, and a reception will take place in the Heritage Gallery before the reading begins. Food will be provided by Gelitas Charlotte. There is no cost to attend the event, and the public is welcome. The theme of this evening is “Local Voices, Global Vision.” The reading will feature works by both Gilbert and Friedman.

The event is organized by the Knocknarea Writers, who have become well-known in the literary world. The concert is open to all poets, musicians, and singers. In addition, the event will include improvisational pieces by various artists and a cash bar. The evening will reflect the relationship between poetry and music. It is free to attend, but donations will be appreciated. There will be a reception following the event.

A fundraiser for student success is also a benefit concert, with proceeds going to the Kent Memorial Library. Performing on August 3rd, the event will feature music and poetry by some of the region’s finest. Hostess Karen Chase will be on hand to introduce each piece. Participation is open to poets, musicians, and readers of all types. The event is open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend!

In addition to the fundraiser, the event will also feature live performances by the Sligo Academy of Music. The audience will enjoy a performance by the musicians. The evening will also feature an open mic for local poets. The public is invited to bring poems from their own collections or favorite poets from their own school days. It will be a celebration of the importance of literature and the connection between poetry and music. While reading your favorite poem, you may even want to bring a copy of it to share with other guests.

For students who love the written word, this event is a great way to experience both. A variety of musicians will perform pieces that reflect the poetry genre, while talented local poets will also perform songs and improvised music. The event is hosted by the Knocknarea Writers and Sligo County Council. Interested attendees are welcome to attend and support this event. And there are many opportunities for attendees to take part in this wonderful event.


A special event on August 3rd will feature a concert with local musicians and poets. The event will feature the music of singer-songwriter Randy Miller and the poetry of Ellen Chase, a native of Alstead. Both authors read from their latest collections, and the evening will include a reading of some poems by their mother. A traditional milling tune will be performed by another local musician. If you are in the area, be sure to attend this night of words and music.

An evening of poetry and music will be held in the Yeats Building Sligo on August 3rd. The evening will feature musicians and poets from the Sligo Academy of Music. The event is a free event and admission is free. The Poetry and Musical Evening is open to everyone. The poetry and music program is free and open to the public. The program will feature original and improvised pieces by the Sligo County Writers Association, as well as a selection of poems.

An evening of poetry and music is a wonderful way to end the day. On August 3rd, the NUS Literary Society is hosting an event entitled “An Evening of Poetry and Music.” The evening will feature the poetry and music of renowned poets and musicians from the Sligo area. The event will take place in the Arts House. A night of poems and music will be held at the library. The NUS Library is the venue of this event.

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The evening of poetry and music will be held in the Arts House on August 3rd. During this event, you can join the audience of poets and musicians who will read their favorite poems. An evening of poetry and a night of music will be an evening that you won’t want to miss. It will be a great way to celebrate your love of poetry. The Sligo County Council is also supporting the event.