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How, why and what is the point of a book blog?

Reading Books and Writing Reviews on Them

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There are not many ways to get away from work. However, if we equate books with entertainment, then of all the available types of kicking rubber products at work, it is books that give the greatest profit. This is not “Favorite Farm” for you, the screensaver of which, when turned on, lowers the IQ of the entire street, but an occupation worthy of an educated person. Why do you think many managers put a separate locker for books in their offices and even proudly write about it in vacancies? Because it’s in their interest.

A reading employee is a valuable find for a company. He learns even when he beats the buckets.

But today I will not talk about how to have fun with the help of books, but about how to have fun with a book, and at the same time earn money. Or at least start doing it like an adult.

What is a book blog and what is its feature?

Suppose you read a lot. A lot means more than one brochure of Jehovah’s Witnesses per month. Suppose you have a stack of books lying around at home, or at least you often hold paper volumes in your hands (it doesn’t matter if you own, others, library or printed on a printer). Suppose you even have a reader or at least an application for reading books on your phone.

An important nuance: you also like to discuss books. It doesn’t matter with whom: friends, relatives, haters on the Internet or your beloved dog.

Sooner or later, you will stumble upon a book that you will want to tell everyone who has ears about. Well, the first purpose of a book blog is to give you that opportunity. The second purpose of a book blog is to bring enlightenment to the masses. Book bloggers set the trend of reading among the masses, influence the ratings of genres and, as a result, the consciousness of all mankind. The third purpose of a book blog is, of course, money.

You will not be able to earn on reviews and photos of books, do not even hope. But a promoted profile on the same Instagram is in itself a good opportunity to make money on advertising, subscribers and views, because nowadays popularity goes hand in hand with business. And hyped bloggers know how to make money on direct advertising from publishers, authors and bookstores. Many cool book bloggers are even sent free copies of books, just so they can do a promotional review of them.

A book blog is a way to share a review with the whole world, keep the books you read in your memory, discuss them with other readers, pass for an educated person and, of course, make money.

So what does it take to start a book blog?

Phone with a camera. Or phone and fotik. Nothing will come of it without photographs. No one will read text without pictures. On Instagram, especially. In addition, the camera must be of high quality. 8 megapixels is already almost the same as taking pictures on slippers. And forget about photo filters from insta. Exposure will have to be dealt with. If you are going to vlog, take care of the equipment.

Books. Now you have to buy them, rent them, borrow from friends, and even steal from infidels. Memorize the places of book sales (yes, you don’t have to take pictures of only new glossy editions), the addresses of bookstores, get a discount card from Librarius and get ready for the fact that you will have to pay extra for weight when traveling. If, after reading the last sentence, you rubbed your hands in anticipation, I am proud of you. If not, close this article, why are you reading it at all?

Light. I hope you have an apartment that has windows that let in the sun’s rays. I’m talking about this for a reason, because it was so dark in my last apartment that the pictures turned out to be dull and sad.

Details for the entourage. Everything is subjective here – it can be flowers, textiles, figurines, wooden cubes with letters, beads, or anything that sets the style for your blog and at least somehow illustrates the plot of the books.

Tablet, reader or other phone. Sooner or later, you will want to talk about the book that you read in electronic form. The best photos are obtained with bright covers on a tablet or phone. However, it is foolish to dispute the photogenicity of the pocketbook.

Free time. If there is all of the above, but not the last – all is lost.

Ways to Succeed as a Literature Blogger

Everything seems simple, but there are a few immutable rules. You won’t succeed if:

You will not have your own style, first of all – in the design, secondly – in the presentation. Your blog should be something catchy and memorable so that they want to share with friends.

You will read everything. It is better to choose one thing: either mainstream books, or those topics that are closest to you, but are definitely popular at least to some extent. If you have a review of Dontsova immediately after a review of Nabokov, you will at least not be understood. Your best bet is to write about business books, popular fiction, and women’s romances. And about the classics. Classic is always but a good choice.

You’ll be reading a book a month and releasing a review every two. No one will wait, you will be forgotten as soon as you disappear from sight for at least a week.

You will make 3-4 posts every day. Too often is almost worse than too rarely. Do not repeat my mistakes, find your regular posting frequency.

You will write poorly. Every typo, every grammatical error will deprive you of one subscriber per hour. Check, edit, google and make sure that your text is, if not perfect, then at least readable.

You will see the main task of the blog in earnings. First of all, you need to engage in a book blog for the soul. Only then will you have the opportunity to earn on it. Nothing else.

Any media content becomes popular thanks to a single constant. And this is not the relevance of information, not the popularity of the topic, and not the quality of the advertising campaign. Surprisingly, it’s charisma. Charisma and character of the author. No one will read a blog on an interesting topic if it is written by a boring person and boring language. Work on yourself, work on your content, style of presentation and behavior on the Internet. Make sure that you are a pleasure to read not only to people, but also to yourself. And the most important thing: Always ask yourself why are you doing this? And when you find an answer that suits you – remember it and never forget.

Choose what you like. There are no rules by which books are selected for reviews and reviews. Find your niche and settle into it thoroughly.

Write what interests the reader. A review is not an answer to the question “did you like it?”. This is an analysis of varying degrees of depth, this is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the work, the atmosphere, taste, color and smell of the book.

Remember that you have your own opinion. Do not scold a book just because everyone scolds it, do not praise it just because it is popular. Be unpredictable and firm, surprise your readers: a small coming out towards Gromyko in the profile of a classic lover and a sudden explosion of emotions in a review of “Ulysses” from a fan of Jojo Moyes – it always surprises, catches and remembers.

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