Solway Shore Stories

Solway mussel pearls, photographed by Ann Lingard

Solway Shore Stories,, is a new website about the Solway Coast.

Its author is novelist, zoologist and non-fiction writer Ann Lingard, who, during the course of talking to people who live and work along the coast, has amongst other things crouched in a creek at dawn to watch wildfowl, eaten raw samphire, managed not to be sea-sick on the fisheries protection vessel, dabbled her fingers in warm molasses and salts, and enjoyed a sumptuous birthday tea at Silloth.

In addition to the Stories, which are illustrated with many images of people, places, paintings and other artworks, there is a section about Ann’s guided shore-walks on the coast near Allonby, and a series of photographs of hands holding objects that have been found on the shore.

More stories and photographs and other images will be added with time, and Ann welcomes ideas and the offer of images.

The attractive and easy-to-use website, set up by LinusDesign, has been supported by grants from the Solway Coast AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund, Carr’s and Iggesund.

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