Clockwork Cumbria

Jack Kerouac’s Beat box – his method was to write as spontaneously as possible by threading a hefty roll of tele-type paper into his typewriter and setting down his story on one continuous sheet. What resulted he would later transcribe for forwarding to his publisher, but never revise, in principle he regarded revision as a form of lying.

BBC Radio Cumbria producer Andrew Carter is producing a series called ‘Clockwork Cumbria’ – it’s about people in Cumbria who take a perverse pleasure in doing things the old-fashioned way, such as insisting on using a film camera instead of digital or playing vinyl because they think it sounds better; that sort of thing.

As part of this peculiar quest, he’s also looking for a writer who still plonks away at a typewriter instead of using a computer.

“I was in Keswick the other day and I saw a portable typewriter for sale in Oxfam and they were asking about the same price as a cheap laptop for the privilege!” says Andrew. “It would appear they’re very fashionable once again, so I’m looking for a writer who could wax lyrical on air about the pleasure and pain of using their trusty typewriter.”

Any old fuddy-duddies out there who’d like a few minutes on the wireless should contact Andrew by sending a pigeon to BBC Radio Cumbria at Annetwell Street, Carlisle CA3 8BB. You can also dust off your telephone and dial 01228 592444. In the very unlikely event that you use email, send a message to [email protected].

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